ClayTech - CMS5A

Product code: CMS5A

*Control unit shown fitted to pump for illustration purpose only...

*A number of suitable control units are available for use with this pump as well as a pump cover.

The ClayTech Management System (CMS) provides the convenience of automatic selection between your water tank and mains supply, with the emphasis on maximising the use of your rain water.

When tank water is available the CMS will draw water from this source using the pump to deliver your water requirements. During power outages or in the case your tank supply is depleted the CMS automatically transfers to mains water supply. CMS will automatically select to supply from your water tank as soon as rain water is available again.

  • Suitable for domestic toilets, washing machine & external garden taps
  • Water supply to complete household
  • Manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Tested & ready for use
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Includes: pump and mains diverter
    (hydraulic operated does not require power)

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