Line Trimmer

Product code: BC2000-RS

· Chrome Impregnated Cylinders - Maruyama Commercial Handheld Products feature Chrome Impregnated Cylinders giving them a longer life than a standard engine.

· Solid Steel Shaft - Maruyama drive-shafts are precision manufactured from solid steel and polished for optimal performance. Also durable bronze bushing reduces
vibrations and power loss.

· Four Bearing Gear case - Maruyama trimmers and brush cutters are manufactured with a 4 bearing gear case allowing them to run smoother and longer under commercial applications.

· Anti-vibration System - All Maruyama brush cutters and trimmers run a high and low frequency vibration dampening system which significantly reduces operator fatigue.

The TBC009 is a lightweight Bent Shaft Trimmer powered by the proven and reliable Honda GX25  1.1hp four stroke engine.  The Honda engine is super quiet, economical  and very easy to start. It also runs on plain unleaded petrol, so needs no fuel mixing. The engine also has anti vibration mounts for smooth and easy operation. The TBC009 Trimmer uses an alloy shaft for light weight, and has a comfortable ergonomically designed loop handle.  It is  extremely well balanced, making it very manouevrable and easy to use. It can also operate through a 360 degree rotation.  There is a sturdy debris guard for operator protection and the nylon trim line is held in an aluminium head for quick and easy line replacement.  A shoulder harness is also supplied for operator comfort. The TBC009 has a market leading 4 year domestic Warranty. - See more at:

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